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Balanced, low profile p-valve for dry suits of any kind.

Manufactured from a Delrin rod and a neoprene rubber tubing. It is made for ladies and gentelmen use.

Very easy to install.

Comfortable lock down even in the dry suit.


  • Gluing the valve in dry suit is not necessary.
  • Leak-proof sealing due to O-ring toward to suit.
  • For cleaning, the valve can be removed and assembled in a leak-proofing manner easily.
  • The high of the valve inside the suit is only about 13mm, nevertheless the same flow is reached as with well-knows valves.
  • The valve in the suit is affixed by five screws and not only with one central thread. Thus the cover cap can be opened without removing the whole valve unintentional. Witch leads to a fatal flooding. Note: The screws are well rounded and do not damage the under suit.
  • For the five screws metal threaded bushes are begun into the plastic part, like that the threads are very loadable in the counterpart.
  • The valve can be opened and closed with one turn.
  • The cover cap has a defined and exact turn stop.

Technical specifications:

  • Balanced, 
  • Flow with 0.5m water gauge (0,05bar corresponds): 2 litres/min, 
  • Hole diameter: 20mm, 
  • Height in the suit approx. 13mm, 
  • Cover cap diameter: 42mm, 
  • Height outside at the suit approx. 20mm, 

Included in delivery:

  • 1 x PeeValve inclusive all screws and sealings, 
  • 0,6m tube 1 x Trox-Screwdriver, 
  • 1 x Connection fitting (Condom fitting).

Service kits availables.

In stock

Service kit for Heser Pee valve.

In stock

Service kit for Heser Pee valve.

In stock

Hose for Pee valve. Length is 60cm.

In stock