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DTEK technical gloves with a graphene (carbon nanotube) membrane for better thermal protection. Exclusive to DTEK!
Available within 5 to 10 days

Gloves made ​​of a material Polartec® Power Strech®

They are ideal as a glove warming diving in a dry suit, dry gloves onMade of Polartec ® Power Stretch ®. This material is breathable, sweat discharge from the skin, so our hands will always be dry duringand after the diveAlso ideally suited to wherever we need adequate protection from the cold.

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Gloves made ​​of a material Polartec® Thermal Pro®

They are ideal for dives in cold water. Made of Polartec® Thermal Pro®. Perfectly breathe while being four times more windproof than traditional fabricsThis new "super fleece" that covers an extremely wide range of security, checking in as the outer layer and an insulating layer, while offering outstanding durability.

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The Sub Zero Factor 2 thermal liners are perfect for those who want  technical low thickness hot gloves.

These thermal glove liners have excellent stretch properties and a box finger construction that provides a comfortable and snug fit for most hand sizes.

The highly brushed fleece inner face of the fabric will keep your hands lovely and warm, whilst the smooth outside face easily slips in to outer gloves.

Main advantages of SubZero Factor 2 thermal inner gloves:

  • These gloves are resistant.
  • They can be used alone but are also suitable as a base layer for more extreme conditions.
  • Transport moisture away from your skin to the outer surface to disperse. 
  • Isolate the body by keeping it dry, comfortable with the polar brushed inner surface that retain hot air.
  • Does not compress under pressure 
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