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Cave diving light designed, built and tested in Switzerland 

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Rechargeable battery type 18650, 3.400mAh, 3,7V. 


  • Integrated battery overcharge / discharge protection circuits, 
  • High discharge performance Li-ion rechargeable battery, 
  • More than 500 charge-discharge cycles.
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Rechargeable battery type CR2 / RCR123A, 650mAh, 3,7V. 

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Connector E/O "Y" to connect your light and your heating system to the same battery, or two video lights to the same battery using E/O cords.

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E/O blind plug to close an E/O connector when not using in diving.

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E/O Cord Connector Cable Ø 5.5 mm length 120 cm.


Excellent Northern Light Scuba backup.
Power 400 Lumens.
Resistance 30 b.

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18,2 Ah (202Wh) canister for heating or light with e/o cable and switch.

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Complete, affordable yet powerful set with a 15W LED head and its battery.
Power of 1250 lumens, beam about 6 °.
Lighting time: approx. 4.5 h is suitable for underground and technical diving.

Light is supplied with an elastic Goodman handle, a Li-ion 75W/10 (compatible with aviation requirements) 4Ah battery, 110/240V charger 3A.

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Cave diving light designed, built and tested in Switzerland 

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Head ring for Yellow Diving 40W 

Available within 5 to 10 days

PERCH H batteries (toggle switch). 

Li-Ion battery pack canisters available in the capacity range from 10,4Ah to 40,8Ah.

Designed with E/O cables. 

Used water-tight piezo push-button switch

Banana connectors makes preparing for diving easier. Provide an easy way to connect the power supply inside the canister, and facilitate charging of the batteries.


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