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€9.53 €11.92

Corrugated hose.

Please choose format and length :

  • Circular 30cm
  • Circular 41 cm
  • Circular 50 cm
  • Oval 41 cm 
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It is a spare elbow that connects to the base of the wing with the inflation hose.

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Inflator Male Nipple CEJN 3/8-24 UNF

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Inflator Male Nipple Scubapro 3/8-24 UNF

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Inflator Male Nipple Standard 3/8-24 UNF

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€30.80 €38.50

Inflator TEC, new model. 

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€27.93 €34.92

Inflator TEC with elbow, hose 40, total 50cm


€33.46 €41.83

Inflator TEC with release valve, new model. 

Delivered complete with purge,  inflator and 40cm hose.

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€12.00 €15.00

Over pressure valve for your wing. 

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Direct System head "Power inflator" for 25mm internal diameter hose.

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Schrader valve

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Schrader valve screwdriver.

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