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Category: Decanting assemblys

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Compatible oxygen

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Adapters for decanting assembly to 7/16. 

DIN adapters are Oxygen clean (Viton o-ring). 

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In stock

This arrangement allows you to add a needle valve on decanting assembly or not equipped systems.

We use it for example upstream of our MPS booster, this allows us to balance the cylinders upstream (B50) and downstream safely, with an excellent management of the speed of transfer (always recommended 5 b/minute).

Available within 5 to 10 days

Decanting assembly hose only.

Female 7/16 on both sides.

In stock

Undersea decanting assembly, high-end. 

Complete options, with :
- Needle valve, 
- Non return valve, 
- 100mm 1% accuracy analogue gauge, 
- 2m charging hose.

Precise adaptor needed. standard delivery with Bullnose inlet and DIN 230 outlet.

Delivered in protection case with foam. 

Available within 5 to 10 days

Storage box for Undersea oxygen decanting assembly with foam 

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