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Anti-fog effective for your mask or glasses, biodegradable and convenient, the staple of your dive. With HubloNet, no more dives in the fog.

ABYSSNAUT HubloNet complies with environmental issues, with excellent efficiency and without any irritating vapor after application release, for the comfort and the safety of the diver.

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Aquasure, 2 x 7g tube.

Glue for drysuit and wetsuit repair

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Aquasure, 2 x 7g tube.

Glue for drysuit and wetsuit repair

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Aquasure, 2 x 7g tube.

Glue for drysuit and wetsuit repair

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Detaching ecological TextiOne 22

Can detach and remove stains from tar on clothes and bags of diving, nautical-use equipment...

Effective and easy to apply - Biodegradable - VOC (volatile organic compound) free

Delivered in a small bottle with spray 115ml.


Detaching ecological TextiOne 28

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Practical and effective, this non-greasy lubricant to spray on the sleeves allows you to dress your suit without difficulty. Effectively replaces the talc that dry your sleeves and reduces their life expectancy.

In addition, VetiSpeed limit tears, softens, and maintains the sleeves of the diving suits.

We use this product for years on our drysuit sleeves. An advice, use it also to remove the sleeve lubricant the outer part, then turning on your wrist, the sleeve will withdraw very easily.

Delivered in a small bottle with spray 125ml.

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Finished fogging problems, with your new mask!

Product of curative treatment of the diving mask nine to avoid fogging linked to the presence of silicone on the glasses and dive masks skirts new.

SilicNet is also sold in Duo with the anti-fog for diving mask HubloNet. It comes with pieces of pure ultra cotton and cotton stems.

SilicNet is a the mask processing prior to its use: the product must under no circumstances be used in fog or in contact with skin and eyes. 

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Lubricant for the maintenance of the zippers of combinations watertight and splashproof diving, metal or plastic, LANYARD, and any zipper...

Burette FKR10 to effectively lubricate your zipper without fouling him.

Net volume: 60 ml 

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Glue to repair your wetsuit


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