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Safety tools

A choice of instruments for your safety: mirror, whistle, chemical light, hook reef, jonline, anything miss you.

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The Divesoft quick release buckle is designated for joining two straps 50 mm (2 in) wide.

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The mirror is based on one of the oldest and simplest signaling devices – sun reflection. A diver lost in the sea or on a desolate coast can using the sunlight and a mirror attract the attention of a ship or a search plane even on a several kilometer distance.


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Jonline head, without webbing/cord.

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Jonline with head, 1m red polypropylene rope, and 90mm bolt snap.

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Marseillaise buckle with synthetic belt.

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Scuba multi tool, very small 8,5mm x 5,3mm with 15 functions to solve issue in any circumstances, even under water!



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Quick-link stainless steel D-Ring

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Reef Hook, head only.

Best grip with this double hook model.

Reef hoof can be used for several reasons

  • For safety, when there is lot if current and you want to maintain easily your position, without burning you breathing gas,. Consequently, not being exhausted and avoiding bends,
  • Consume less air and increase bottom time, more relax, producing less bubbles, more time to enjoy watching, 
  • Take pictures and video easily with your 2 hands in a stable position
  • Protect the coral reef, once hooked, add some air in your jacket or wing to get some buoyancy to lift you up

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Reef hook double head set, with 1m red polypropylene rope and 90 mm bolt snap.

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Blue shaker to alert your buddy under water easily. No abuse is a plus!

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Yellow shaker to alert your buddy under water easily. No abuse is a plus!

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