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Battery 21700 Samsung INR21700-50E 4900mAh - 9.8A

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  • Battery 21700 Samsung INR21700-50E 4900mAh - 9.8A
  • Battery 21700 Samsung INR21700-50E 4900mAh - 9.8A
  • Battery 21700 Samsung INR21700-50E 4900mAh - 9.8A
  • Battery 21700 Samsung INR21700-50E 4900mAh - 9.8A
  • Battery 21700 Samsung INR21700-50E 4900mAh - 9.8A

Battery 21700 Samsung INR21700-50E 4900mAh - 9.8A

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The Samsung INR21700-50E is one of the most powerful 21700 batteries available. The Samsung INR21700 50E is a fantastic alternative to the old Samsung 48G with an impressive 4900mAh capacity. For those looking for very high Ah/kg or the highest 21700 Ah, this is the way to go. Very high energy density cells.

These FLAT TOP cells are ideal for DIY batteries, high-power torches, electric scooters, electric bikes, power tools, torches, etc.

These batteries are compatible with our ARGOLAMP 1 and 2.0 PRO, which incorporate electronic protection.

We do not ship these batteries by air, i.e. they can only be shipped to Europe by ground carriers.



Specifications :

  • - Model: INR21700-50E
  • - Size: 21700
  • - Head type (positive terminal) : Flat Top
  • - Maximum capacity: 5000mAh
  • - Typical capacity: 4900mAh (0.2C discharge)
  • - Peak discharge capacity: 15A
  • - Continuous discharge: 9.8A
  • - Nominal voltage: 3.6V
  • - End of charge voltage: 4.20V
  • - End of discharge voltage: 2.50V
  • - Rechargeable: Yes
  • - Approximate dimensions: 21mm x 70mm
  • - Approximate weight: 68g

Note: Batteries have a test charge only. Please ensure that the batteries are fully charged to achieve their full capacity. Failure to do so may cause long-term problems. 

This cell is not protected and is intended for use in protected batteries. To operate safely, it must have additional protection in the form of a protective printed circuit or battery management system (which is the case in our ARGOLAMPs).

Use and charging

! !!!! IMPORTANT !!!!! These batteries are extremely powerful and extreme caution should be used when using them. Use only quality branded chargers (like LiitoKala, Nitecore, XTAR) and equipment! Unfortunately, we cannot replace batteries damaged by non-compliant chargers or equipment. There are so many chargers on the market that it is impossible for us to know which ones work with these batteries. You will need to contact the charger manufacturer to ensure that it can charge these batteries without damaging them. Be sure to use these batteries (or any other lithium-ion batteries) only with appropriate chargers and equipment. Lithium-ion batteries can easily be damaged if charged with too high a current or exceed the maximum rated discharge current.

Samsung has not designed, manufactured, endorsed or otherwise approved these products for consumer use. You are of course free to use this product as you wish, but we recommend that you consider the following statement in light of Samsung's position.

Samsung SDI batteries are not designed, intended or manufactured for use in vaping kits, mechanical mods or anything known as electronic cigarettes.


Use them at your own risk. We accept NO responsibility for damage, injury or death caused by improper use of these batteries!

  • - Do not overload! Make sure the charger voltage does not exceed the full charge voltage indicated for the battery.
  • - Do not overload! Make sure the equipment you use does not draw more current than the "maximum continuous discharge current" of the batteries.
  • - Do not leave discharged batteries for a long period of time! Leaving Li-Ion batteries in a discharged state can result in irreversible damage - creating loss of capacity and loss of cycles.
  • - Do not short-circuit your batteries! NEVER short circuit a 21700 (or larger) battery! A short circuit can cause a huge surge of current that can fry your battery, damage your equipment, and even seriously injure you!
  • - Do not let your batteries touch each other or other metal objects! Keeping your batteries loose, for example in your pockets, is a serious way of causing them to fail and seriously injure you. There are battery holders and covers to protect your batteries.
  • - Never throw a battery into a fire! Batteries contain dangerous chemicals. If you try to burn them, they will emit dangerous fumes and probably explode. Always take your used batteries to a recycling center.

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