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Padded, adjustable cross-belt for accessories.


In stock


Sturdy, padded caving bag designed for carrying diving cylinders and rebreathers

In stock

Accessories belt.

In stock

Light pedal made of Dyneema fine cord with buttonhole for the foot made of reinforced ribbon.


In stock

Thigh harness with padded large bands making it extremely comfortable.

Extremely light. Very low point of connection.

In stock

Full body harness for caving ideal for beginners and trainees. 

Made to last over time. 

In stock

Complete harness. Very comfortable thanks to mm 75 wide straps and very useful for cord ascents thanks to a very low hooking point.

In stock

Figure of 8 chest-strap designed for speleological activities.

Nylon webbing with cam buckle, used for connecting shoulder straps and ventral rope clamp. It helps to keep the rope clamp in its proper position.

Velcro tab on shoulder strap for fixing excess webbing.

Side gear loop.

Available within 5 to 10 days

Chest harness padded for speleology.


In stock

Micro breast-strap.


In stock

Torso designed for caving activities.

Nylon webbing with cam buckle for the shoulder straps and the belly connection of the rope collar. Helps keep the rope collar in its proper position.

Back strap for connection to harness.


In stock

Breast-strap for ventral ascender.

In stock