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Category: Backmount

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The Tek 3 combines all the advanced technology of the Apeks first stage range.
The outlets are designed to allow perfect symmetry of hose routing and are oriented downwards for the requirements of technical diving.
It allows optimal accessibility to the valves when using two-bottle blocks.
The innovative DCE system allows the diver to modulate the size of the whiskers, short or long, the latter allowing the bubbles to be drawn backwards to improve the field of vision. Both versions are included with the regulator.
Compensated second stage for easy, smooth breathing
The XTX purge button is large and easy to operate. It is progressive and offers two flow rates. Press on the sides for low flow, convenient for controlling the inflation of a parachute. Press on the center for maximum flow, ideal for purging a regulator.
Reversible second stage and interchangeable right/left hose configuration can be mounted on either side of the first stage. Operation is quick and easy but must be performed by an Apeks authorized technician.
Available in DIN
Braided hoses are standard on all regulators. They are lighter, more flexible and more resistant.
EAN40 compatible ex-factory (non-CE only).

Available within 5 to 10 days
Available within 5 to 10 days