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New Proteushop!

New Proteushop!

Grégory Vernoux sept. 7, 2018 News 2Commenti

A new version of the Proteushop website is available in September, we hope you enjoy it.

We introduce this blog, which will allow us to post some information and will remain available, unlike social networks, where information is lost from one day to the next.

We wanted our new site clearer, faster, with the ability to connect with your social network account, Facebook, soon Google.

- Evolution of the Quotation function,
- More clarity with the RGPD rules, and possibility to download in PDF or CSV the data which concerns you,
- Specific evolutions for the professionals,
- Improvements for navigation,
- Update of privacy policies,
- A help / FAQ page to answer the most common questions directly.

We wish you good navigation and remain at your disposal.

See you soon!

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      Nicole Leboulanger
      Set 08, 2020

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