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Yellow Diving L20 (Head LED 20W)

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  • Yellow Diving L20 (Head LED 20W)
  • Yellow Diving L20 (Head LED 20W)
  • Yellow Diving L20 (Head LED 20W)

Yellow Diving L20 (Head LED 20W)

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Available within 5 to 10 days

20 Watt LED headlamp with battery indicator. 1.700 lumens, 6500°K color temperature, E/O cord 35cm long. 



All the electronics is located inside the light head, what allowed to manufacture shorter canister and gives possibility to use the same battery canister as power supply for light heads and electric heating Yellow Diving series. 

Labelled "LED indicator", The LED indicator is located on the left side of the head, it provides information on the current battery level. 

When the battery is switched on, the indicator lights in one of the following modes:

  • green, continuous: 100 % – 15 % of charge capacity
  • red, continuous: 15 % - 5 %
  • red, intermittent: 5% – 0,1 %


  • 20 Watt, 
  • Spot 10°, 
  • Battery indicator, 
  • Colour temperature: 6500°K, 
  • Luminance: 1.700lm, 
  • E/O cord 35cm, 
  • Complete electronics in headlamp, 
  • Head length: 10,5cm, 
  • Material: anodised aluminium, Delrin, 
  • Max. operating depth: 150m.




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