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Excellent Northern Light Scuba backup.
Power 400 Lumens.
Resistance 30 b.

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18,2 Ah (202Wh) canister for heating or light with e/o cable and switch.

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€209.33 €261.67

Heated vest with thin layer of insulation.

Made from breathable materials and is comfortable to wear.

Special features include high collar with heating, a very nice feeling on the cold dives!

High adjustability with velcro straps in collar area, waist and height.

Heating power 45w which provides a nice warm feeling on the cold dives.

Only for 12V system, do not use higher voltage battery

Delivered with the SI-Tech adapter

€426.67 €533.33

Complete, affordable yet powerful set with a 15W LED head and its battery.
Power of 1250 lumens, beam about 6 °.
Lighting time: approx. 4.5 h is suitable for underground and technical diving.

Light is supplied with an elastic Goodman handle, a Li-ion 75W/10 (compatible with aviation requirements) 4Ah battery, 110/240V charger 3A.

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