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This super-strong cord lock is constructed from aluminium alloy. It accepts diameters from 5 to 7 mm. Immediate tightening and loosening.

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Sewn tubular webbing 16mm wide. High strength (webbing and stitching). Positioned on the thigh straps of the harness, it is used to suspend loads such as rope bags by means of a carabiner.

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The SPATHA clippable knife is designed to accompany the climber on every outing. The profile of the blade allows easy cutting of ropes and cordage. It has a carabiner hole for attaching the knife to the harness. It is easy to manipulate with its textured wheel, even when wearing gloves, and can be locked in the open position.

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Mobile sheathed equipment carrier that can be threaded onto any strap up to 45 mm wide. It has the advantage of sliding to be positioned in the right place. It will become the ideal complement to the fixed equipment holders of your equipment.

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Foamed belt made of 700g/m² PVC; it can be attached to the sit-harness with metal press studs.

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Topographic notebook for caving

Available in November 2021

Topographic notebook for caving

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This set of straps connects your torso to your harness.

Once adjusted, your harness will not fall off.

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