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10.5 mm diameter semi-static rope suitable for supervised canyoning and caving activities.

Reassuring and robust, the Techtonic 10.5 is ideal for supervised canyoning and caving. Its sheath, which is made from twisted threads, guarantees a strong grip and very high abrasion resistance. Its LongLife treatment provides it with increased durability by protecting it against dust and moisture infiltration.

Price per meter, maximum lenght 200m.

Available within 5 to 10 days

5.5 mm diameter hyperstatic and ultra light cord, intended to create ascension loops and temporary holds when caving or mountaineering.

Price per meter, maximum lenght 200m.

In stock

Semi-static 9 mm diameter rope designed for independent caving and canyoning, offers good handling and excellent weight-to-durability ratio.


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Accessory cord designed for expert caving

SEGMENT is an 8 mm diameter accessory cord for expert caving activities. Ultra-compact and lightweight, it is easy to store in a pack. It has the benefit of the EverFlex treatment, ensuring continued flexibility over time. The texture of the sheath allows good grip during descents.

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