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Category: Gloves

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40cm coated pvc caving gloves for effective protection. Large cuff, fitting well over the sleeves of the caving suit for better protection.

Available within 5 to 10 days

Leather gloves, comfortable, hard-wearing and breathable. Specially developed for vie ferrate and adventure parks, useful also for rope manoeuvres.

Double fabric thickness on palm and between thumb and first finger. Insert for wiping away sweat on thumb. Ergonomic neoprene wrist band with Velcro fastening and practical system to take off the gloves.


  • Goat skin leather (90%);
  • Neoprene (5%);
  • Lycra (3%);
  • Polyester (2%).
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Grey glove with polyurethane coating on palm and fingertips.

In stock