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Category: Chest harnesses

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Chest harness padded for speleology.


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Micro breast-strap.


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Breast-strap for ventral ascender.

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Single size torso straps for caving.

The ventral blocker is held in place by a narrow, instantly adjustable strap.

Comfortable 38mm shoulder straps, each adjustable with a double loop.

Four webbing loops for attaching small caving equipment (spanner, etc.) or lanyards.

"Must be used with a sit-harness.


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One size fits all torso straps for caving.

Comfortable 38mm braces, each adjustable with a double loop.

Two webbing loops and four sheathed gear loops for hanging small caving gear (spanners, etc.) or lanyards.

The ventral blocker is held in place by a narrow strap with instant adjustment.

Women will appreciate this mixed model more than the simple AVSP12 model, as it can be positioned higher.

NO PPE: Must be used with a caving sit-harness.

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Bulletin number 12 of the Comité Départemental de Spéléologie du Lot (CDS46)

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Piri MTDE Torso

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