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Thigh harness with padded large bands making it extremely comfortable.

Extremely light. Very low point of connection.

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Full body harness for caving ideal for beginners and trainees. 

Made to last over time. 

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Complete harness. Very comfortable thanks to mm 75 wide straps and very useful for cord ascents thanks to a very low hooking point.

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The Krubera is the latest harness created by AV. Simple and very comfortable, with a very low roping point and an integrated shoulder strap, it will appeal to all caving enthusiasts.

This high performance harness was developed with Italian cavers in the world's largest well, Vertiglavica (-643m, Slovenia).

Fully adjustable, the Krubera offers optimal back support in every position. Its special woven straps make it both light and very robust to meet the demands of caving.

PVC reinforcements for the thighs - Two equipment holders - Lightweight alloy buckles - Quick release buckles.

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Sit-harness for canyoning or caving. Fully adjustable. Two low sheathed tie-in points for good performance when ascending on rope. Waist, thigh or buttock adjustment by steel ironing buckles. Two sheathed gear loops.

Designed to meet the demands of daily supervision in the large canyons of Reunion Island, the Mazerin was created for professionals who regularly use the rope climbing technique.
As with a harness, its protective breeches provide a good, comfortable fit when suspended for long periods of time in the open air.
The movable thigh straps* that hold the subcutaneous skin in place are quick to put on and take off, and relieve the crotch of friction during approach, exit or transition steps.
Used and tested for several years in numerous expeditions, this monitor sit-harness, with its knife holder straps and its attachment specially designed for bags, has proved its effectiveness in both canyoning and caving.

* These straps are also sold as replacement parts (reference AVCA04Z)

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Caving sit-harness. Two low sheathed tie-in points. All adjustable, in waist and thigh, by passing 44 mm straps through steel ironing buckles. One fixed sheathed gear loop and one mobile flat webbing loop. Removable PVC reinforcements for the thighs. These caving shorts are ideal for use in groups.

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Fully adjustable caving sit-harness. Two low sheathed tie-in points.

The 44mm waist, back and thigh straps ensure the caving harness is comfortable to wear.

Two sheathed gear loops. Removable black PVC reinforcements for the thighs.

Thigh abseiling strap with elastics between waist and thigh.

Possibility to use the 2nd kidney strap under the buttocks as a seat.


Add the comfort belt (AVCA47) for extra back comfort!

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MTDE Amazonia Caving Harness

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Bulletin number 12 of the Comité Départemental de Spéléologie du Lot (CDS46)

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Picos MTDE Caving Harness

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Varonia MTDE Caving Harness

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