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1st stage

Our first regulator stages, piston or membrane, with or without turret.

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Regulator Scubatec F40 is a 300b 1st stage with balanced membrane, body is chrome-plated brass and sandblasted. 

Ideal as a primary source with a greater flow and ease of dispensing. 

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Regulator Scubatec F5 1st stage is is one of the smallest piston regulator worldwide.

Ideal for the inflation of your drysuit. 


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Regulator Scubatec F6 1st stage. include a built-in over-pressure valve.

Ideal for the inflation of your drysuit.

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xDEEP NX700 1s stage is a patented diaphragm first-stage with insulated diaphragm chamber and rotary head enabling LP port positioning at any angle.